Hiking Area

Pravčická Brána
(Pravčická Gate)

The largest natural stone arch on our continent. A symbol of Czech Switzerland National Park.

Visitors can admire its beauty from nearby lookout points or sit right beneath the arch. Access to the arch itself is closed to protect it from the large number of visitors.

"Falcon’s Nest" chateau

Built in 1881 in Alpine style, this hotel is quite unusual in our country. The Clary-Aldringen family used it to accommodate their important guests.

The restaurant has been preserved and has nineteenth century wooden walls, ceiling and décor.

In the first floor is galleries photos.

Information centre

In addition to providing tourist information and arranging accommodations the centre also sells various souvenirs such as maps, postcards, stamps, badges and many other items.

Observation points

The area features several observation points – one at the foot of Pravčická Brána and others a few dozen metres above on the surrounding rocks. The most beautiful of all is the view of the dominant features of Czech Switzerland and Saxon Switzerland, and of the far reaches of our country.